Why are the scholarships called “Georgina Barbosa”?

Georgina Barbosa was the goddaughter of Dr. Jacinto Barbosa, my husband.

They loved each other very much, and had a very intense relationship of affection and complicity. The “Tutti” – as we all called her familiarly – was by our side during the entire time that the illness lasted and until the final travel of Jacinto.

When I spoke of creating the “Barbosa & Petit Foundation”, Georgina gave me all her support, and helped me as much as she could, even though her illness was already beginning to affect her. She endured her aggravation with great fortitude and dignity. I will never again see a person as brave as her, who faced to the end, and without ever complaining, a living hell, trying to make everyone around her happy.

For everything she was and everything she did, it is impossible to forget her: She was accessible and friendly with everyone, she loved to listen and help, and for that reason and in honor of her and her daughters, the Scholarships are called “Georgina Barbosa”. Not only to help people in need of treatment, but “research grants” on chronic diseases will be convened periodically, where interested fellows must research the proposed topic.

And I know that, from where they are, both Cinto and Tutti, (which we long for so much, and that they are surely together), give us all their energy to carry out both the scholarships and the Foundation.