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Attention to chronic diseases and their families

“Going together is getting started. To stay together is to progress. Working together is succeeding”


In Mataró there were medicals, physicians, – “doctors” they were called – who were an institution, and the families made them almost their own. “The family doctor”, “my doctor”, were expressions that were often heard as if they were part of the heritage. The ill and doctor relationship could reach a frank knowledge and this confidence facilitated the diagnosis of the disease. The family physicians were respected and even a revered point, with which they could gain great notoriety. Dr. Jacinto Barbosa y Colomer were among them. Open person, great bonhomia, close, friendly, with a touch of irony and skepticism and a look between surprised and sly but, above all, very human and extremely generous and just walking a figure that could not go unnoticed: of voluminous corporeality and always with the cigar in the mouth.

Dr. Jacinto Barbosa was a person involved in the associative life of the city and for years he was part of the board of the Mataró Red Cross. As a Psychiatrist and Neuro-Psychiatrist contributed to the improvement of the quality of life of people with mental disorders or affected by some degree of physical disability: -Stroke, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Cranioencephalic Trauma- and that of their families in prevention, the treatment and rehabilitation, as well as the social and labor insertion of the affected people.

Dr. Jacinto Barbosa y Colomer, unfortunately left us a victim of cancer. In his memory and as a debtor of his human legacy, and because I am a disabled person and I have always moved and been very active in the world of disability, I have created the “FUNDACIÓN BARBOSA & PETIT”, which aims to: The promotion, organization and execution of all kinds of activities and services for people with functional diversity, chronic diseases or at risk of suffering them, minority diseases, people at risk or social exclusion, whether they are minors or have reached the age of majority, and also for their families, caregivers and their environment so that they obtain the maximum degree of personal autonomy and social integration.

 Teresa M. Petit widow of Dr. Jacinto Barbosa

The foundation

The Foundation was born on November 30, 2018 with the vocation of serving the Maresme region and the city of Mataró in honor of its founders, as well as on behalf of families, friends and professionals who, after years of attendance, consider that the The health and welfare of the population is also the responsibility of the caregivers themselves, so that the disability is not a risk of social exclusion, also chronic, such as poverty or discrimination

Thus, the Foundation is committed to double comprehensive assistance, both home-based, and that offered in the entity’s own facilities, combining the double efficacy that guarantees the ecological validity of working in the patient’s direct environment. And later, or in parallel, when exporting work to daily life beyond the family limits, encouraging again the autonomy and participation of patients in the community.

In order to promote transparency and easy access to the data of the Foundation, we publish the annual balance sheets of the Foundation as well as the annual reports, the founding statutes, the annual budgets and the audits carried out.

In addition, the resolutions of the agreements reached by the Foundation with other entities are attached:

Agreements and collaborating entities

Who are we addressing to

The Barbosa & Petit Foundation promotes assistance, as well as attend to all those groups that due to various diseases: neurological, autoimmune, congenital, etc., involve a chronic nature and difficulties in the autonomy, cognition, and environment of the affected , and require assistance throughout their lives..

The objective of the Foundation is to provide comprehensive coverage to all those patients and families of different backgrounds and different sensitivities, who suffer an associated chronic process where there are usually difficulties in the autonomy of patients, in their cognitive abilities, a process of adaptation or difficulties of reintegration into the community.

Thus, the groups likely to receive comprehensive support can be very diverse:

  • Neurological diseases (Stroke, Trauma, spinal injuries and everything known as Brain Injury) generally known as “Physical Disability or Functional Diversity.
  • Autoimmune diseases (encephalitis, liver problems, congenital and hereditary diseases).
  • However, it must be taken into account that other pathologies or diseases may have difficulties that require support throughout the life cycle, such as:
    • Diseases derived from terminal processes
    • Rare or minor diseases
    • Difficulties arising from traumatic life processes

The concept of the chronic patient must be analyzed from the perspective of “a continuum” where age is not an exclusive factor. The Foundation ensures the integration and individualized work in each case as well as delimits the different activities and projects according to each specific group in order to empower and help other groups in their actions (associations of affected people and families).

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